My grandfather was born in Indonesia in 1921 and after a long and interesting life he died at 100 years old. One of the vivid memories our whole family has is that he used to make fried rice for the whole family on Sunday evening. We would drive to his house with a big pan and got a portion for our family, other family members would do the same.

When he got older it became harder to cook the fried rice and sometimes he would skip a week. One day I asked him if he could teach me how he makes his famous fried rice so I could go on with this tradition. He was happy to teach me and from that day on I fell in love with cooking fried rice.

Nasibar got it’s name from the Indonesian word Nasi Goreng (nasi means rice and goreng means fried) and Nasi is the way my family would call the meal my grandfather cooked every week.